Specialist Physiotherapy for Pelvic Health

Re: Physio specialises in delivering evidence-based solutions for pelvic health, enabling people to embrace wellbeing. Pelvic problems can be triggered by multiple factors, are common and often complex, impacting quality of life.

Our treatment philosophy centres on bespoke care; we listen to understand and prioritise, treat people, not organs, and aim to find the root cause. We use a goal-orientated approach to reframe thinking with psychosocial support, rebuild the body with manual therapy and rehabilitation, and enhance control to restore confidence.

If you’re limited by pelvic pain or functional problems, such as incontinence, sexual dysfunction or being able to move freely, we provide treatment to women and men throughout life to help people live free from restrictions.

“I feel very lucky to have met Clare. I befriended my body thanks to her. I can confidently say that she is the reason I believe physical therapy is effective in treating pelvic floor dysfunction. But above everything, she is one of the most compassionate (yet realistic) and patient physical therapists I have ever met.

Thank you, Clare! The world is a better place because of people like you!”

Clare Pacey

I am a Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic and Women’s Health.

Through collaboration, I provide highly bespoke care and have an evidence-based approach to diagnosis and treatment. I enjoy using my expertise to support people of all ages, with a particular focus on women; from pre-pregnancy to menopause and beyond.

I have worked at London’s leading teaching hospitals, including King’s College, Imperial College and St. George’s, as well as the prestigious Lindo Wing and Portland Hospital.

My core practice centres on treating clients in their own homes. Additionally, I practice from two London clinics: Complete Physio in Chelsea and on Devonshire Place.